The Sobermap app can help recovering addicts anywhere in Tallahassee


As the capital of Florida, Tallahassee is the home of the Florida Supreme Court, the Florida State Capitol, and the Florida Governor’s Mansion. It is also the home of the Florida Bar and has several other professional organizations including Alcoholics Anonymous. If you are a visitor or resident of Tallahassee who is a member of AA, then the Sobermap app will be of great use to you because it provides the locations of AA meeting places across the city.

Anyone recovering from addiction knows that a necessary life change is making it easier to avoid indulging in alcohol. The Sobermap app can help you maintain that positive change by showing you all the AA meeting places in Tallahassee. The app is free and can be download from the App Store or the Google Play store.

The Sobermap app will guide you towards the 12 Step meeting places in Tallahassee

The 12 Step Program has been a proven success worldwide for decades. That success stems from its ability to be applied to all manner of addictions because the first step is the admission that you have a problem that is out of your control. That first step is often difficult for many people, but it is one of the most important because it means that the journey to healing and recovery can begin.

Another reason the 12 Step program is successful is that the journey to recovery works with the help of other addicts. Addiction recovery is painful and should not be done by oneself, having companionship and guidance means it is more likely for a user to reach the destination of sobriety and stay there.

Big Book meetings are a necessary part of the rehabilitation process

The Big Book is the Alcoholics Anonymous text. It was first published in 1939 and is still in use today. Its tenets apply to all addictions, not just alcoholism which is why it is so successful. One of those tenets is that a belief in a higher power is necessary to help in the recovery process.

This higher power can be religious or secular in nature; you are not forced to choose. A higher power means a belief in something greater than yourself such as love, friendship, or human nature. That view can help provide the strength needed to break free from the shackles of addiction.

At Big Book meetings, a part of the text discusses in depth treatment benefits for gathered members. If you do not have a Big Book, one will be given to you for free at most meeting places.

The Sobermap app can locate Step meetings in Tallahassee

The Sobermap app can locate Step meetings in Tallahassee

A Step meeting is one of the different kinds of meetings that can occur at an AA assembly. There can be open meetings where non-members can attend, observe, and listen quietly. There are also closed meetings for members only where they can be more open and frank with each other.

Other meeting types include:

  • Speaker meetings – these are where one speaker holds the floor and tells the attendees their story of addiction and rehabilitation. These meetings can be open, and the audience is encouraged to be quiet and respectful.
  • Discussion meetings – these are usually closed, and the members have candid conversations about their struggles with addiction and their path to recovery.
  • Step meetings – before members take one of the 12 Steps, they attend this meeting to discuss that level in depth. These meetings are to make sure that members are fully prepared whenever it is time to take one of the 12 steps.

The Sobermap app will show the locations of AA clubhouses in Tallahassee

A clubhouse is where AA meetings take place, but they can also serve as a spot for members to socialize between meetings. Members can visit the clubhouse if they do not want to be alone or if they want to escape a stressful situation. Clubhouses are open every day until late and members can visit whenever they see fit.

The Sobermap app can help in your recovery

All diseases need the right treatment, and the disease of addiction is no different. For recovering alcohol addicts and drug addicts, AA has proven to be a useful option in their path to recovery. One of the reasons AA is so successful in recovery addiction and sobriety maintenance is because of the 12 Step Program that is an essential part of it.

The Sobermap app will help you to use those options by showing you all the AA meeting places in Tallahassee. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store so that you can receive the treatment you need from anywhere in Florida.

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