The Sobermap app is a helpful tool for all recovering addicts in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is sometimes called “The Sunshine City” because of its good weather; the city has typically been a haven for retirees, but the demographic has started to skew younger. No matter the age, drug or alcohol addiction can affect anyone and if you need to find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, the Sobermap app can help.

The app shows the locations of all the AA meeting places in St. Petersburg. If you are going through the recovery process, then you know that one of the significant changes in your life is making it easier to not indulge in your addiction. The Sobermap app will guide you towards meetings where you can continue, or begin, the process of rehabilitation from alcohol. The Sobermap app is downloadable for free from the App Store or the Google Play store.

The Sobermap app will show you the 12 Step meeting places in St. Petersburg

The 12 Step Program has helped in the recovery of millions of addicts worldwide; it has helped them overcome a variety of addictions because of the widespread applicability of the 12 Steps. The first step, admitting that you have an addiction that you cannot control, can be applied to any addiction. Once the individual makes this admission, they can then accept that they need help in recovering from their addiction.

The 12 Step program is also advantageous because the journey involves going through it with others. Don’t go through addiction recovery alone; the 12 Step program provides the companionship and guidance that a recovering addict needs.

The Sobermap app will direct you to the Big Book meetings in St. Petersburg.

The Alcoholics Anonymous text, first published in 1939, is called the Big Book by its members. These meetings provide them for free and are useful for people suffering from all manner of addictions. The reason is that the book features many inspiring stories from individuals who have managed to overcome their addictions and stay sober.

One of the reasons they have managed to do so is that the Big Book encourages members to accept that they need a higher power to help them in their recovery. This higher power can be either religious or secular in nature; you do not need to be devout to become a member of AA.

At Big Book meetings, gathered members read and discuss in detail sections of the text.

The Sobermap app will show you where Step meetings are taking place in St. Petersburg

The meetings of AA fall under a variety of categories. There are open meetings where non-members, such as family and friends, can attend to show their support to the addict as they go through the recovery process. There are also closed meetings for members only where everyone can be more open and candid with each other.

Other types of meetings include:

  • Speaker meetings – these are where some of the attending members take turns telling their stories of addiction and recovery. These meetings can be open, and the audience is encouraged to keep quiet while the speaker talks.
  • Discussion meetings – these are usually closed, and the gathered members exchange their stories of addiction and rehabilitation, and all present members are encouraged to participate.
  • Step meetings – in preparation for taking one of the 12 Steps, these meetings are held to discuss that step in advance. The discussion is in-depth so that all members know their responsibilities and obligations when they are ready to take that step.

The Sobermap app will show you where to find AA clubhouses in St. Petersburg

AA clubhouses in St. Petersburg

The clubhouse is where meetings take place or where members can socialize when there is not a meeting. They are open every day until late and members can drop by when they do not want to be alone or if they need to get away from a stressful or high-risk situation.

The Sobermap app is a valuable resource for recovering addicts

No one should try to treat a disease alone, and the disease of addiction is no different. Many people have sought to unsuccessfully quit cold turkey even though AA has proven to be a very effective treatment option. The 12 Step program that emerged from AA and is the foundation of its success over the years has proven to be especially useful in addiction treatment.

We want to help you continue the journey to rehabilitation, and if you download the Sobermap app, that is what we will do. The app is available for free from the App Store or the Google Play store. Download it now, and your journey will not have to stop no matter where in Florida you are.

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