The Sobermap app will provide the locations of all AA meeting places in Naples


Naples is one of the richest cities in America. It boasts an impressive number of golf courses and is home to the second highest number of millionaires in the country. A lot of the city’s wealth comes from tourism, and any visitors who are members of Alcoholics Anonymous might wonder where to find any meeting places.

The Sobermap app will show visitors and residents alike where to find meetings in Naples. Part of the addiction recovery process is avoiding high-risk situations where alcohol might be present. Every major city has those situations and, regardless of its wealth, Naples is no different.

That is why the Sobermap app is so useful for addicts going through the recovery process; it can guide them towards meeting places that can help them in their rehabilitation. The app is useful for visitors and residents alike and can available for free in the App Store or the Google Play store.

The Sobermap app will show the locations of all 12 Step meetings in Naples

The 12 Step Program has been successful across the world for decades; it has helped millions of people in their recovery from a variety of addictions. The 12 Step program can be applied to addictions besides alcoholism because the first step is the admission that you have an addiction that you cannot control. Knowing that you have a problem is the first step in finding a solution.

The 12 Step program is also successful because it works with other people; it’s hard, if not impossible, to recover from an addiction alone. The 12 Step program provides the companionship and support that can help in the recovery process. If you need that companionship and support, then the Sobermap app will show you where 12 Step meetings are taking place in Naples.

Big Book meetings are an essential part of the recovery process

The Alcoholics Anonymous text is called the Big Book, and it is useful in the recovery from all types of addictions. It contains the 12 Steps as well as various stories from former addicts who were successful in their recovery. The Big Book came into existence in 1939, and the fact that most of it is still the same is a testament to its efficacy.

One of the reasons for the Big Book’s success is that it emphasizes that a higher power is needed to help in the recovery process. Since AA are spiritual, rather than religious, organizations, then higher power does not have to be a deity. It can be something secular like the belief in friendship or humanity.

At Big Book meetings, gathered members discuss in detail parts of the text. The text is provided to members for free at most meetings.

The Sobermap app will guide you towards Step meetings in Naples

The Sobermap app will guide you towards Step meetings in Naples

AA meetings can be open or closed. Open meetings can be attended by non-members while closed meetings are for members only. Further sub-categories of meetings are as follows:

  • Speaker meetings – these are where some members tell their story of addiction and recovery while the rest of the members listen. Only one person can speak at a time, and these meetings can sometimes be open.
  • Discussion sessions – these consist of private discussion among the gathered members where they share stories of their addiction and recovery. Everyone is encouraged to participate; however, these meetings are private.
  • Step meetings – before taking one of the 12 Steps, members attend these meetings to discuss that action to make sure that they have full knowledge of what that step entails.

The Sobermap app will show you where to find AA clubhouses in Naples

Clubhouses are where meetings can take place, but they can also be a place for members to socialize. If members want to congregate for any reason outside of the various meetings, then the clubhouse is a good place to do so. They are open every day until late at night with some open for 24 hours.

The Sobermap app is a useful tool in your continued recovery

The 12 Step program has proven to be an extremely useful resource in recovering from alcohol addiction and maintaining sobriety afterwards. It has successfully helped many people in the treatment of the disease of addiction over the years. It is one of the building blocks of AA and is an essential part of why it has helped so many people since its inception.

The Sobermap app can help you find AA meetings in Naples if you download it for free from the App Store or the Google Play store. We will help you to keep traveling on the road to recovery no matter where in Florida you may be.

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