is an invaluable resource for Miami residents suffering from alcohol addiction

MiamiMiami is a vibrant, energetic city that seems to have a bar or nightclub on practically every street. Unfortunately, for Miami residents who are alcohol addicts, those bars and nightclubs are a source of temptation that can be difficult to resist. This is where the Sobermap app comes in; this app can direct people away from the places that feed their addictions and towards meetings that can help them recover from those addictions.

Addiction recovery is a long and challenging process that no one should attempt alone, that is why Alcoholics Anonymous meetings exist; to help people navigate their path to recovery with the aid of others who are on that road or who have already traveled down this path. The Sobermap app can identify AA meetings nearby for those who can admit to themselves that they have an addiction.

That admission is the first part of the recovery process because one needs to be completely honest with themselves and with others if the addiction recovery process is to work properly. Addiction recovery is not merely about the cessation of using alcohol; it is about creating a life where it is easier not to use alcohol. AA meetings can direct you towards that life, and the Sobermap app can direct you towards these sessions.

The Sobermap app can direct you to 12 step meetings in Miami

The 12 Step Program has been around for decades and has helped millions of people recover from a variety of addictions, so its success is unquestionable. It is not our place to go over all 12 steps here, but we can say that the first step is admitting that you have an addiction; this is important because a person cannot recover from addiction if they do not believe they have a problem.

The 12 step meeting works, not just because of the individual steps, but because you are taking those steps with other people. Addiction recovery does not function in isolation and the knowledge that you are on this journey with other people who suffer from the same addiction as you will make that journey less perilous. It will still be difficult, but if you attempt it alone, then it may very well be impossible.

Every 12 step meeting is different, and you might not find one that is right for you the first time around. The Sobermap app will help you find 12 step meetings in the Miami area so that you will find a meeting that suits your preferences.

Big Book meetings are an important part of the addiction recovery process

The Alcoholics Anonymous text a.k.a the Big Book contains the 12 steps used in the addiction recovery process as well as the personal experiences of many addicts. The goal of the Big Book is to help users realize that a higher power is needed to help them recover.

This does not necessarily refer to religion, which is why one of the chapters is targeted to agnostics. AA is a spiritual organization, not a religious one; no proselytization occurs at any of the meetings. A higher power only means that addiction requires the help of others and that faith is needed to overcome it. This greater power can mean love, friendship, or companionship; it does not have to be religious.

At Big Book meetings, the gathered members discuss parts of the text. The Big Book is provided free of charge at most meetings. Despite the Alcoholics Anonymous label, the book is relevant for anyone suffering from addiction.

The Sobermap app can guide you towards step meetings in Miami

Sobermap app can guide you towards step meetings

There are different types of meetings that you can expect at an AA gathering. There are open meetings where non-addicts can attend and observe; closed meetings which are only for addicts.

  • Speaker meetings are where an AA member tells the group about their experiences with addiction and what they have learned so far. Speaker meetings are usually open so that potential newcomers can know what to expect from these meetings.
  • Discussion meetings are where all attending members talk about their addiction and what their journey to recovery has been like so far. These meetings are private so that everyone present can feel free to be more open and honest.
  • Step meetings are where one of the 12 steps is discussed in detail by the attending members before they take that step.

Sobermap can help you find an AA clubhouse in Miami

An AA clubhouse is a place where meetings occur as well as a place where recovering addicts can hang out together. They usually stay open until very late at night, and some of them are open 24 hours. If you do not want to spend a lot of time alone, then they are a great place to go and be with other sober people.

The Sobermap app can direct you to any clubhouses in Miami if you are between meetings but want to be around people who are in the same situation as you.

The Sobermap app is a recovering addict’s best resource

Addiction is a disease, and no one would suggest that you treat a disease by yourself. Organizations like AA exist to help you to get better. Studies have shown that 12 Step programs play a helpful role in recovery from addiction; they provide the structure and guidance needed to maintain discipline. When it comes to preserving sobriety and living a better life, AA has proven to be helpful resources for many people.

If you want to find a meeting near you, then download the Sobermap app for your Apple or Android device. It is free and will give you the security of knowing that a meeting place is never far away.

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