Residents and visitors to Key West have a valuable tool in the recovery from alcohol addiction

Key West

Key West is a small island known for its quirky inhabitants and colorful traditions; there is something for everyone in Key West, and the residents are open and accepting of all visitors. These include members of Alcoholics Anonymous; AA meetings are held all over the island, and the Sobermap app can show you their locations.

Part of the recovery process for alcohol addiction is avoiding any risks to your sobriety; risks include being in places where alcohol are present. Those risks present themselves in most cities, including Key West. However, the Sobermap app can guide you to AA meetings in Key West where you can continue your rehabilitation.

The Sobermap app will show you where to find 12 Step meetings in Key West

12 Step meetings are an important part of the recovery process, and the millions of former addicts who have used the program are a testament to its efficacy. The 12 Step program has been used to treat a wide variety of addictions successfully; that success is an indication of the universal applicability of the 12 Step ethos.

One of the reasons for this achievement is that it makes addicts admit that they have a problem which they are powerless to control. They are more likely to seek help when they realize that help is needed.

That help can come from being with other addicts who are in a similar situation. Another reason for the success of the 12 Step program is that it is a journey taken with other people. The 12 Step program provides addicts with individuals who can relate to them as well as support them in a way that their loved ones might not be able to. The Sobermap app can show you all the 12 Step meeting locations in Key West.

The Sobermap app will show you where all the Big Book meetings are taking place in Key West

The Big Book is the Alcoholics Anonymous text, and despite the title, it is useful for people who are suffering from any addiction. The book consists of the 12 Steps that one needs to take on the path to recovery. Other parts of the book include autobiographical stories of former users who have managed to overcome their addiction.

The Big Book is a spiritual text, not a religious one, and emphasizes meditation, relaxation, and belief in a higher power. This authority does not have to be religious in nature; it just refers to belief in a power greater than yourself and can be a belief in love, humanity, or science.

The Sobermap app can guide you to the Step meeting locations in Key West

The Sobermap app can guide you to the Step meeting locations in Key West

There are a variety of meetings that take place at each AA gathering; people who attend open meetings are not members of the group such as the friends and family of the recovering addict. Closed meetings are members only affairs and allow the gathered group to speak with candor and openness that they might be reluctant to use when family or friends are present.

There are three types of group meetings:

  • Speaker meetings – these are when some of the members take the floor to tell the rest of the group about their experience with addiction and what their recovery has been like so far. These meetings are usually open to non-members.
  • Discussion meetings – these are discussion groups where members share their stories of addiction and offer each other support. These are typically for members only.
  • Step meetings – these are meetings in which members discuss one of the 12 Steps in depth before they take it. These meetings are an important part of the drug or alcohol rehabilitation process.

The Sobermap app can show you where to find the nearest AA clubhouses in Key West

AA clubhouses can serve as meeting places, but they can also be a place where recovering addicts can go to socialize. Using the clubhouse to socialize can be for any reason you want; if you do not want to spend time alone; if your friends want to go to a place where alcohol might be involved; if you need to get away from the family during the holidays.

Clubhouses are open every day and stay open until late into the night. If you want to know where the clubhouses in your area of Key West are located then download the Sobermap app today.

The Sobermap app can help you continue the recovery process from any city in Florida

The AA program has helped many people from all across the world recover from alcohol addiction. One of the reason for its success is the 12 Step Program that is the foundation of AA. It has proven to be a useful resource in combatting addiction and maintaining sobriety. The 12 Step program provides structure and guidance for recovering addicts suffering from the disease of addiction.

The Sobermap app can help to make those resources available by providing the locations of all AA meeting places in Key West. Download the app for free from the App Store or the Google Play store. You can win this fight, and we want to help you do it.

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