Jacksonville visitors and residents can find any AA meeting in the city with the Sobermap app


Jacksonville is the most populous town in Florida and the Southeasternmost part of America; it is the center of culture and finance in Northern Florida. Jacksonville also has several annual events that could prove problematic for those who are suffering from alcohol addiction; fortunately, the Sobermap app can help those people by showing them where all the Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are taking place.

A big part of the recovery process is changing your life so that it becomes harder to indulge in your addiction; it is not an easy process, and it means making significant life adjustments. Sobermap can help by showing you where all the AA meetings are taking place. If you are new to the area or are visiting for an extended time, then the Sobermap app is what you need to help you stay on the road to recovery. The app is free and is available for download on Apple and Android devices.

The Sobermap app can help you continue the 12 Step program in Jacksonville

The 12 Step Program has a long and storied history of helping people with all sorts of addictions despite being originally meant for only alcoholics. The reason is that the foundation of the program can help anyone with an addiction. The 12 Step program begins with the very first step where the person needs to admit that they have no control over their addiction. That admission is the first step to asking for help and asking for help is the first part of the rehabilitation process.

The 12 Step program also guarantees that you will not be alone in the process of recovery. Addiction recovery is painful, but it is easier when there are other people on the journey with you who can offer companionship and support. The Sobermap app can help you on this journey by showing the location of all the meeting spots in Jacksonville.

The Sobermap app will show you where to find Big Book meetings in Jacksonville

The Big Book is what members call the Alcoholics Anonymous text, first published in 1939, it has helped in the recovery of millions of former addicts in the ensuing years. Despite its title, the content of the Big Book has helped a wide variety of addicts in their recovery and rehabilitation.

The reason is that the tenets of the Big Book apply to all forms of addiction. The book helps users admit that they need a higher power to help them in their recovery; this higher power doesn’t need to be religious or secular in nature provided it represents a greater good. Believers and nonbelievers alike are welcome to join AA since they are spiritual, not religious, organizations.

At Big Book meetings, the group discusses in detail sections of the text, and the book itself is available for free to members at most meetings.

Sobermap will guide you to all the Step meetings in Jacksonville

Sobermap will guide you to all the Step meetings in Jacksonville

Each AA meeting can have a variety of different categories; there are open meetings where non-members, such as family or friends, can attend and show their support to members. There are closed meetings that are for members only where more private and intimate discussions take place.

There are three types of meetings in AA:

  • Speaker sessions – one member at a time tells the rest of the group about their experience with addiction and recovery. These can be open meetings, and members who do not wish to speak can pass if they want.
  • Discussion sessions – these take the form of panels and are usually closed. All present members are encouraged to express themselves and share their story with the others. Discretion is encouraged here, so there is no worry that those stories will ever leave the meeting.
  • Step Meetings – in preparation for taking one of the 12 Steps, these meetings are held to discuss that upcoming step in depth to make sure that members are ready to take it.

The Sobermap app will show you where to find clubhouses in Jacksonville

AA clubhouses sometimes hold meetings, but they are also places where members can congregate even if there is not a meeting. If members do not want to be alone during the recovery process, then they can visit the clubhouse for companionship and support.

Clubhouses are usually open every day until late, and the Sobermap app can show you their locations and operating hours.

The Sobermap app is a helpful tool for recovering addicts

Addiction is a disease and every disease needs the right treatment. For the disease of addiction, part of that treatment is the 12 Step program. It has proven to be a very effective resource in the treatment of addiction for many people from across the world. The 12 Step program is one of the most important aspects of AA, which has been useful in helping people recover from addiction and maintain their sobriety.

The Sobermap app can direct you to the AA meetings in Jacksonville so that you can make use of those resources to continue your addiction recovery treatment. The app is available for free from the App Store and the Google Play store.

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