The Sobermap app will provide recovering addicts with the locations of all the AA meetings in Fort Lauderdale

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If you live in Fort Lauderdale, then you know that it is a popular tourist destination and that it has so many bars and nightclubs that people call it “Fort Liquordale.” That scene can be appealing to visitors, but it can be difficult for people suffering from alcohol addiction; if you fall into that category, then the Sobermap app can help you.

The Sobermap app shows you all the locations of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Fort Lauderdale. If you are currently undergoing treatment for alcohol abuse, then you know that one of the recovery methods is to avoid putting yourself in high-risk situations where you might be tempted to start using. The Sobermap app can direct you away from high-risk locations towards meetings where you can receive the support you need.

If you are an out-of-towner who is just visiting Fort Lauderdale, then the Sobermap app can help you as well. It is available for free from the App Store and the Google Play store; download it now so that you can be with people who want to help you recover from your alcohol addiction.

The Sobermap app is the best resource for finding 12 Step meetings in Fort Lauderdale

The 12 Step Meeting has helped millions of addicts in their recovery and is a proven success in drug and alcohol rehabilitation as well as the restoration of other forms of addiction. One of the reasons that it works so well is the insistence on complete honesty and openness. The first step is admitting that you have a problem, understanding that you have a problem, and fixing it.

Another reason is that you are participating in your recovery with other people who are going through the same addiction recovery process as yourself. That sense of camaraderie and companionship is a huge help since you know that you will not be judged or shamed during the 12 Step meetings.

Sobermap will show you all the 12 Step meeting places in Fort Lauderdale so that you can continue your drug or alcohol rehabilitation even if you are new to the city.

Big Book meetings can help in the recovery from drug or alcohol addiction

The Big Book is the Alcoholics Anonymous text that has been around for decades. It is provided free of charge at most meetings and contains the various tenets of the organization. Despite the title, it is helpful for all types of addicts, not just alcoholics.

The Big Book features the 12 Steps of the addiction recovery process which includes admitting that a higher power is needed to help in that process. That higher power is not necessarily religious in nature, so one does not have to subscribe to any particular religion to become a member of AA ; everyone is welcome.

At Big Book meetings, all present members discuss in detail sections of the text. The Sobermap app shows you all the places in Fort Lauderdale where those meetings take place.

Sobermap will show you the locations of all Step Meetings in Fort Lauderdale

Sobermap will show you the locations of all Step Meetings in Fort Lauderdale

The various meetings at AA gatherings are an important part of the alcohol treatment process. There are open meetings where anyone is free to attend; this can include non-addicts who want to show support for their friends or family going through the recovery process.

There are closed meetings for addicts only where they can share and discuss their journey on the road to recovery without having to worry about being ashamed. If you are new to AA then the type of meetings you can expect are:

  • Speaker meetings – where one person tells the group about their experiences with addiction and recovery. These meetings can be open or closed at the team’s discretion.
  • Discussion meetings – these are where the group discusses their experiences with addiction and recovery, share stories, and offer support to each other. These meetings are for members only.
  • Step Meetings – at these meetings, one of the 12 Steps is discussed in depth as preparation for the members who are about to take that step.

The Sobermap app will direct recovering addicts to all the places where these meetings take place in Fort Lauderdale.

The Sobermap app will provide locations of all AA clubhouses in Fort Lauderdale

Clubhouses can be where AA meetings take place, but they can also be a place for recovering addicts to congregate and be together. If you are feeling lonely or do not want to be around friends who want to go to a bar, nightclub, or similar high-risk location then a clubhouse is an excellent place to visit.

Most are open every day until late at night, and some are open for 24 hours on all holidays. If you want to get away but do not want to be alone, then the Sobermap app can direct you to any AA clubhouses in Fort Lauderdale.

Sobermap is the best app for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction

Treating a disease is something you cannot do by yourself and addiction is no different. The treatment of addiction requires help, and 12 Step programs have proven to be useful in that regard. Another reason to find a meeting wherever you are currently located is that studies have shown the efficacy of AA meetings.

The Sobermap app will help you remain diligent by showing you all the locations in Fort Lauderdale where AA meetings take place. Overcoming addiction is not an easy fight, but it is one that we want you to win. Download the Sobermap app from the App Store or the Google Play Store so that you can keep on fighting wherever you are.

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