What is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is for individuals who are recovering from alcoholism. AA doesn’t cover research, medical advice, or treatment. Alcoholics anonymous is, however, a safe place for anyone who wants to stop drinking. Anyone attending remains anonymous, meaning no one will know they are there. 

Alcoholics may take time to address and get the relevant help they require. Most likely, it’s because they worry about what they say in the meeting will get out publicly. However, AA gives people a safe space to talk without family or close friends knowing. 



How can I know if I am actually an Alcoholic? 

If you are a person who drinks without a limit often with memory loss, you could very well be an alcoholic. If your level of drinking is debilitating to your life, or you don’t know when you’ve had enough, then it would suggest you may require help. You are the one to make the first step. It’s not anyone’s right to tell you that you are an alcoholic. Click here to find a meeting near you.

I am concerned about how much I drink. What should I do?

We suggest you consider attending an AA meeting or maybe seeing a psychologist if that is within your resources. This will help you get back on track and resume your life.

Why is it called Alcoholics Anonymous? 

Alcoholics Anonymous means that it’s a safe place to discuss your levels of drinking and what can happen if you lose control. It’s anonymous, meaning no one has knows you are attending.

I’ve decided to attend an AA meeting does that mean I have to keep going? 

No AA doesn’t register who attends. There is no need to disclose any information about yourself. If you decide that you don’t want to come back, you don’t have to. 

I am afraid I will see someone I know at AA. What will I do?

There is no reason to be afraid they are there for the reason you are. You don’t have to engage in conversation, and no one has to know: it’s anonymous. 

In what way will the AA meetings help my drinking problem?

The meetings will show you that you are not alone. You will meet others who were in the same position as you, and you will hear them express what drinking did to their lives. They will also share what they are doing today and how they are beating their addiction. The point of the meeting is to let people know recovery is possible.

After people have recovered, why do they keep attending AA meetings?

A person can’t be cured of alcoholism, but our mental, physical, and spiritual states improve when off the substance. The meetings teach us how to do so and let us know that it’s ok to struggle sometimes.

I feel I am ready. How do I join an AA meeting?

All you need to do is attend with the intent to stop drinking and to improve your life. 

Am I expected to speak in front of others? 

No, you don’t have to speak in front of anyone, only if you want to.

How much does AA cost? 

There is no charge to attend. You can contribute as much as you’d like to coffer for hot beverages served and any other overheads.

Are AA meetings religious?

The meetings are not connected to anything religious.

Can I bring someone else with me to an AA meeting?

Yes, you may bring a friend or relative at open AA meetings.

As a new AA member, what should I know?

By attending regular meetings, your chances of recovery are higher. Listen to the advice and try it, you will be surprised how much it can help you. Reduce your consumption slowly for the best results. Last but not least, hear the other stories, you might find you can relate which will aid recovery. 

How AA Works and What Occurs

How AA Works and What Occurs

People walk into an AA meeting without realizing how much they can get out of them. The room is set up in a semi-circle, making it easier to see and hear everyone. They may arrive a bit shaky, as any new experience can be quite daunting. AA meetings provide you with the tools needed to battle addiction. People sometimes feel they can do well alone but come along because they need that extra push or support to keep going. 

Due to the movies, we often think that stepping into a meeting will mean we have to hug everyone and share our story. We also assume that we will see many drunk people hanging around, and AA has got a bad stigma because of these tropes. AA meetings won’t have drunk people in them. They will, however, let you hear other people’s stories and struggles. There is no obligation to share your story, only if you want to. When someone does decide to share their story, they usually begin by mentioning their name and that they are an alcoholic. 

AA meetings are thought out, planned, and may be offered as a 12pstep program. They usually begin by people sharing their experiences and struggles. The second part includes reviewing texts or studies about recovery. Everyone who is in that room can understand each other as they are or have been through the same feeling. Ongoers will often welcome newbies as they know how scared they may feel. They take a person from their lowest point and give them their life back. AA meetings are a safe place to understand what lead them down that scary road. 

Finding an AA Meeting in San Francisco

Like most large metropolises, San Francisco has many alcoholics and other substance abusers. That also means that there are many options for meetings to attend. To locate a meeting in San Francisco, you can download our app and stay connected with resources that can help you stay sober.

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