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After many years in Recovery, my friends and I would always find it a challenge to make meetings whether we were leaving visiting a relative, on vacation, leaving a customer office, at a conference and especially when we were on travel. We would go back to the hotel search for a local meeting and try to figure out what meeting we could go to. On many occasions, the meeting wasn’t at the location anymore or the I couldn’t make the time set for the meeting at the location.. 9 out of 10 times we just didn’t make a meeting. One day I was using Yelp on travel and the idea of having a SoberMap App for Recovery hit me. With smartphone so advanced, the idea of opening an App that would immediately give me meetings to choose from whether we were leaving a business meeting, a relative’s house, a sporting event etc… it would be great and there was no app to do it. SoberMap was born.

How It Works

Download the App on Google PlayStore or the App Store. Either register to get updates or sign anonymously. Open the APP and the SoberMap will immediately show you meetings around you and as far out as 150+ miles. You can navigate the map and add other cities to find meetings outside of your area.

Who is SoberMap ?

We are travel friendly 12 step members based in South Florida who are getting a lot of joy out of this project. You might say we are at Step 1 with South Florida open on February 15th, 2017 and all of Florida by March 31,2017. We will go national then global –God willing and it will be fun.

Please provide feedback ---we want to be free and driven by the Recovery community. [email protected]