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Major Upgrade on SoberMap App in February 1st!

We now are available in Texas, Florida, New York, Mexico and Central America.

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*Available for the entire State of Florida, Costa Rica, Argentina, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Germany

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Immediately Access 12 Step meetings in your vicinity

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Access meetings before you travel

Access meetings in other States and countries before you travel ( See Road Map)

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Sobriety in in Orlando

A reliable sobriety service that can truly provide the results you want is difficult to find. At Digital Fortress LLC., we have worked hard over the course of many years to get as close to perfecting our craft as possible. Our services are always tailored to meet and hopefully exceed your needs.

Orlando residents have been trusting Digital Fortress LLC. as their goto sobriety provider. With years in business, we have learned to perfect our craft. Our services can be tailored to make sure all your needs are satisfied. Contact us today to see how you can benefit from our services.

Sobriety services offered by Digital Fortress LLC. are top notch and designed to get the job done the first time around. We have many years of experience working in the sobriety services field, and our experiences have allowed us to gain intimate knowledge of the work we do and how it benefits clients throughout Orlando. Our reputation has allowed Orlando clients to trust us to be their sobriety service provider.

If you are from the Orlando area, we want to put our many years of practice to your benefit. Call us today at (786) 271-7332 for quality sobriety services.

Digital Fortress LLC.
185 SW 7th street
Miami, FL 33130
(786) 271-7332

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Recently released on Android as well

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Ability to message to others in your recovery community

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