Drug Addicts Anonymous Meetings Now Available on SoberMap!

There’s a recovery fellowship on the rise that makes no distinction between alcoholism and addiction to other drugs. Founded in Sweden (1997), they are open to all addicts that wish to free themselves from dependence on mind-altering substances. Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA) is their name and they enthusiastically welcome all addicts, regardless of ‘drug of choice.’ DAA embraces agnostic/atheist addicts and believers alike. They place strong emphasis on the principle of anonymity and a “spiritual but not religious” approach to recovery.

Drug Addicts Anonymous has meetings in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, the UK, the US and Canada. Largely modeled on Alcoholics Anonymous, DAA uses the AA ‘Big Book’ as their Basic Text. Although their growth is difficult to track (they do not record meeting attendance) their presence in 9 countries forecasts much success.

And worldwide DAA meetings are now available on the SoberMap App!

Here’s a summary of DAA’s history and mission, in their own words:

 More About DAA – History and Mission.

Founded in Sweden in 1997, the fellowship of Drug Addicts Anonymous is now established in Norway, the United States and here in the UK. The first UK DAA group started in April 2009, and there are now a growing number of groups in the UK. We hold regular meetings to share our experience with any drug addict seeking help with their problem. These meetings are attended by newcomers and experienced members alike.

Our primary purpose is to stay clean and to help other drug addicts achieve the same freedom. There are no membership fees or dues. DAA membership is open to anyone who has a desire to stop using drugs yet finds him or herself unable to do so. In DAA, drug addicts recover by following the Twelve Step programme outlined in the Alcoholics Anonymous Basic Text, with guidance from a sponsor.

DAA is not in any sense a religious body; it is a fellowship founded upon spiritual principles. We are not allied with any sect, denomination, political position, organization or institution, and have no opinion on any outside issue. We do not wish to engage in any controversy, and neither endorse nor oppose any cause or campaign. We don’t discriminate against any individual or group, on any grounds whatsoever.

DAA is not dedicated to users of any one specific drug and use of no single drug was predominant among our members.

DAA does not have charitable status. Our fellowship is fully self-supporting, funded solely by members’ voluntary donations. Contributions from outside sources are respectfully declined.

DAA does not keep records of members’ attendance, names or identities.