The Sobermap app is a helpful tool for all recovering addicts in Tampa

Tampa boasts a variety of attractions for people of all ages, such as amusement parks, museums, and sports stadiums. There is something for everyone in Tampa. Individuals who need to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings have a place in Tampa as well, and the Sobermap app will help find meeting places for them.

A major part of the recovery process is avoiding high-risk situations where the objects of your addiction are present. The Sobermap app will locate AA meetings for you so that you know there is a place you can go that will offer the support you need. The Sobermap app is free to download for Apple and Android devices from the App Store and the Google Play store respectively.

The Sobermap app will guide you to the 12 Step meetings in Tampa

The 12 Step program has helped in the rehabilitation of millions of addicts from all over the world. The foundation of the 12 Step program is stable enough that it will apply to any addiction, not just alcoholism. The 12 Step program works because the first step is the admission that you have a problem that you cannot control. Once you are aware that you have a problem you can begin seeking help.

Another reason the 12 Step program is successful is that it is a journey you embark upon with other people. Addiction recovery is painful, but with companionship and guidance, the journey is less complicated than if you do it alone. The Sobermap app will show you the location of 12 Step meetings in Tampa.

Big Book meetings are a vital part of the recovery process

The Alcoholics Anonymous text, also known as the Big Book, was first published in 1939 and has helped in the recovery and rehabilitation of people who suffer from a variety of addictions besides alcoholism. The Big Book features the 12 Steps of the program as well as stories from former addicts that have gone through a successful rehabilitation.

Part of their success is due to one of the core tenets of the book, which is the belief that a higher power is needed to help overcome addiction. This higher power does not have to be religious in nature so both the devout and the irreligious are welcome to join AA. That higher power simply needs to represent a greater good and can be secular in nature if that makes you more comfortable.

Big Book meetings discuss a part of the text in depth, and if you do not own a copy, then most meetings will provide one for free.

The Sobermap app will provide the locations of Step meetings in Tampa

There are a variety of meeting types at AA assemblies; there can be open meetings where non-members can attend and observe quietly. There are closed meetings that are for members only where the more frank discussion takes place and discretion are encouraged.

Other meeting types include:

  • Speaker meetings – during these meetings a single speaker tells the attendees about their struggles with addiction and their path to rehabilitation. These meetings can be open or closed.
  • Discussion meetings – these are closed and feature the members sharing and exchanging their stories of addiction and recovery with each other. All present members are encouraged to take part in the discussion.
  • Step meetings – these meetings discuss one of the 12 Steps in depth before the members take that step. This session is held to ensure that each member is well prepared to take each step when they get to it.

The Sobermap app will provide locations of all AA clubhouses in Tampa

A clubhouse can serve as a meeting or gathering place for members who wish to socialize. A clubhouse is a safe place where members can go to be away from a stressful situation or to just enjoy the camaraderie of their colleagues.

The Sobermap app is a helpful tool in addiction recovery

Addiction is a disease that no one should have to fight alone. AA has proven to be a useful weapon in the fight against substance abuse. One of the reasons AA is so successful is because of the 12 Step Program that all members must follow. It is one of the most significant and important parts of AA and most members have found it useful in overcoming their addiction and staying sober.

The Sobermap app will help you to take advantage of those tools by providing you the locations of all AA meeting places in Tampa. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store to continue the fight from any city in Florida.