The Sobermap app is a valuable resource for those on the path to recovery from alcohol addiction in Orlando

Orlando is one of the most popular tourist destinations in America thanks to the Walt Disney World theme park. These destinations allow the city to regularly experience an influx of people who are new to Orlando, many of whom are members of Alcoholics Anonymous and need to know where they can find a meeting place. The Sobermap app can help; it shows and provides directions to all the meeting places in Orlando, making it invaluable for visitors and residents alike.

An important part of the recovery process is changing your life so that it becomes easier to avoid indulging in any harmful addictions. Sobermap can help in that regard by showing you where to find AA meeting places so that you can get the support necessary for your continued rehabilitation. The Sobermap app is available for free on the App Store and the Google Play Store.

Find all the 12 Step meetings in Orlando with the Sobermap app

For decades, the 12 Step Program has helped millions of addicts in their recovery. It has proven to be helpful in giving a sense of order and structure to the rehabilitation process. The 12 Step program contributes to recovering users by taking a step by step approach as they attempt to get clean and sober.

12 Step meetings are important because they show users that they are not alone in their struggle and they do not have to attempt the rehabilitation process by themselves. That sense of kinship is a vital part of the recovery process, and the Sobermap app can show where 12 Step meetings take place so that you can continue that journey of recovery even if you are in an unfamiliar city.

The Sobermap app can show you where Big Book meetings are taking place in Orlando

The Big Book is the Alcoholics Anonymous text which was first published in 1939 and gets frequently updated over the years. Despite the updates, the content of the book has remained faithful to the original publication. It is meant to be a spiritual, rather than a religious guide and posits that belief in that a higher power is needed to stop the cycle of addiction.

This belief can be of a religious nature or a more secular, humanist nature because AA is open to anyone regardless of whether they are religious or not. At Big Book meetings, members read and discuss parts of the book to help keep addicts on the road to recovery. Sobermap can show you where all the AA meetings are taking place so that you can take part in their Big Book meetings.

The Sobermap app can direct you to all the Step meetings in Orlando

Each AA gathering will consist of different types of meetings; there are open meetings where friends and family of recovering addicts can attend and show their support. Closed meetings exist as well which are only for addicts, and it is a place for them to share their stories, confident in the knowledge that the group will keep those stories to themselves.

The more particular kind of meetings that you can expect are:

  • Speaker meetings – these are where some of the attending members take the floor and share their story of addiction and recovery for about five minutes each. It is not necessary for everyone to speak and you can choose not to if that is your desire.
  • Discussion meetings – these are closed, and they are where addicts can exchange their experiences of addiction and recovery with each other. Participants are allowed to speak freely, and everyone is encouraged, but not forced, to contribute.
  • Step meetings – before members take one of the 12 steps they discuss that level at one of these meetings; that discussion can help them prepare for the actions needed to take that step.

The Sobermap app will show you where in Orlando these meetings are taking place.

You can find all the AA clubhouses in Orlando on the Sobermap app

A clubhouse is where the AA meetings take place, but it can also be where the members go to socialize with each other even when there is not a meeting. Members can visit a clubhouse if they are feeling lonely or if they need to get away from anyone who might want to put them in a situation where alcohol is present.

Clubhouses are usually open until late at night on every day of the week. The Sobermap app will show you where to find these clubhouses.

The Sobermap app is a valuable resource in the recovery from addiction.

Addiction is a disease that no one should fight alone just as no one would choose to fight a more traditional disease alone; help and support is required to overcome any kind of disease and addiction is no different.

Studies have shown that AA is a useful resource in fighting addiction and maintaining sobriety. The 12 Step program is one of the most important parts of AA and has proven to be effective in the fight against addiction.

The Sobermap app can help you to find and use those resources by locating AA meeting places in Orlando. Download the app from the App Store and the Google Play store to continue the fight.